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Lucas Quality Assurance


The world famous Lucas brand has been lighting the way and igniting engines for over 100 years. The iconic green branding and Lucas flash have become synonymous with high quality, reliability and outstanding customer service.

This philosophy is still first priority for the Lucas Brand and Electrical Licence holder Elta Automotive (an ISO 9001:2008 company) today.

In addition to the stringent testing procedures conducted throughout the manufacturing process of all Lucas components - Elta has made extensive investment in it’s own in-house testing facility based at their UK head office.

Lucas Quality Inside Every Box
Lucas Test Facilities

The Lucas Test Facility


The new and improved in-house test facility at will ensure that customers continue to receive the renowned high quality products and customer service that has become synonymous with the Lucas brand. The facility includes test equipment for engine management products including, Ignition Coils, Air Mass Meters, Crankshaft Sensors, EGR Valves and Fuel Pumps.


New and Improved Air Mass meter Test Machine
100% of Lucas Air Mass Meters are tested in-house using our new and improved AMM test machine. Air is blown through the sensors to replicate the RPM range of a vehicle. Both digital and analogue AMMs undergo specific testing and then compared to Original Equipment standards to ensure the highest quality.

Lucas 3 Year Warranty


Testing facilities have been in place for some time now and the recent improvements have only reinforced the confidence that Elta have in the Lucas branded engine management range. In fact results have been so impressive that Elta now offer a free, 3 year, no quibble warranty (excluding labour) on the whole range of Lucas EMS and ignition components! This is great news for the motor factor and will certainly reduce the frustrations that can often arise when returning failed components.


The 3 year warranty offers complete peace of mind that if a part is returned for whatever reason it will be replaced or credited. This will ensure that the factor is not out of pocket as well as saving the business valuable man hours of time. Lucas’ new 3 year warranty promises to be a real selling point for the brand and has the potential to benefit all customers throughout the supply chain.


For over 125 years, people have put their trust in Lucas and by introducing the new 3 year EMS warranty, Elta are demonstrating their commitment to fulfilling that trust in the Lucas brand. Plus, all Lucas products are backed by superior customer service, accessible data and technical expertise on-hand to continued complete customer satisfaction.