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Lucas Bulb Point of Sale and Display Stands


Lucas offer a host of sales and marketing support tools designed to help you sell the Lucas brand.


A range of counter top and wall mounted point of sale displays are available to customers, many complete with stock of our most popular bulbs.


The Lucas ZMB271 wall display is one of the most popular in the automotive industry and ships complete with 200 of the most popular 12v bulbs. It is also available as the ZMB273 which includes 14 popular wiper blades.


For 24v applications the ZMB258 offers 200 bulbs covering the most popular commercial vehicles on the road.


Marketing materials are also offered including, catalogues, application guides, wall charts, posters, leaflets and email promotions.


For more information please contact us on 01675 466999 where one of our sales team will be happy to advise you.



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The Lucas Automotive Bulb Range

  • data online 24/7

    Application data for Lucas Electrical products can be found via our online catalogue: and is also available from MAM and TecDoc. Lucas data is updated and published daily to MAM via Automate to ensure consistent high quality information is always available.

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    Online Catalogue
  • Lucas Window Regulators

    The all new range of Window Regulators from Lucas Electrical has been developed in conjunction with selected car manufacturers to provide the highest quality components combined with outstanding value for money.

    The range includes over 1200 part numbers covering more than 50,000 applications specifically tailored to the UK automotive aftermarket.

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    Mechanizmy sťahovania okien Lucas
  • Lucas LightBooster

    The New Lucas LightBooster range of performance upgrades will give your customer a wide range of versatile bulbs to improve vision, to change the look of their car or to stand out from the crowd.

    A simple yet effective range from one of the industries most recognisedbrands, covering all price points points and desirable upgrades. Also, featuring premium quality, colour coded packaging making it easier than ever to stock and identify the bulbs that you need.

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    Lucas LightBooster
  • Lucas Bike Lights

    Harry Lucas designed the first hub lamp for use on a high bicycle in 1879. Today, Lucas Electrical have launched a new range of bike lights with the flagship models retaining the original 'King of the Road' brand.

    The new website offers three core light ranges to meet the demands of cyclists wherever they choose to ride.

    Lucas King of The Road range of LED bike lights have been designed and developed with commuters and touring cyclists in mind. Offering bright powerful light output combined with extended functionality to keep cyclists safe and deliver a longer battery life. KOTR bike lights also feature quick release brackets and convenient USB recharge which will again appeal to commuting cyclists looking to leave their bike unattended and recharge in the office.

    Visit our Bike Lights Website
    Bicyklové svetlá Lucas